i have a small business, do you have small prices?

we surely do! we can tailor-make a solution just for your business and budget, don’t worry about that.

how do you manage to work in different timezones?

the short version is: beyond our weekly meetings to discuss our projects, we use some tools that allow us to work seamlessly regardless of the timezones we’re in. some of them are: _ telegram, google docs, trello and skype.

hi, can i meet you?

absolutely! email us with your ideas and availability at the contact page so we can set up a video call.

who will handle my project?

we all work on every project because time taught us two important lessons: 1. all projects we decide to work on deserve the same level of attention and care; 2. and also how to work perfectly together. you will always be in touch with at least one of us, so we can better understand your needs and respond to you promptly.

how can i get in touch with MERIDIANOS?

head to our contact page, send us your ideas (and if you’re feeling like it, share with us a cool video from youtube that you like, or maybe a song) and you’re good to go. that’s it :)

last but not least, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

that’s a good question. we too believe that it’s important to do some background check, am i right? so: _ laura unequivocally chooses dark chocolate (vegan, btw) _ laila’s into the blue ones (that’s right, the “blue” flavored) _ pedro loves any flavor as long as there’s cookies on the top (some criteria after all) _ and suzzana’s is the classic but adventurous pistacchio (nope, not vanilla)

what services do you offer?

we hope you like lists, because we do: _ marketing planning. we study your business as well as your competitors to find your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and threats. _ key metric analysis. through them we’re able to develop more efficient strategies. _ social media content. we can review what you write, we can write it for you or even begin from scratch. _ blog content. just tell us what you want us to write about and we’ll make sure to write something people want to read. _ budget. numbers aren’t your thing? well, there’s no need to hassle about it, we’ll create the most practical spreadsheet you’ve ever seen. _ project management. have a good idea and to bring it to life? no need to hassle about it either, we can help you plan every step of the way. also, check this page if you want to find specific names of what we offer.